Heart that bleeds

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Taskrz are a four piece who make loud, honest and original music.


We were born out of a love for sludgy 90’s guitar riffs; Weezer, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. We started as two piece formed by brother and sister Sophie Bret and Jack Tasker in 2012. Back when we started it was all crackling amps, riffs the size of dinosaurs and thunderous drums. Since then we’ve dabbled with drum machines, piano and strings, we’ve found a mellow side. We were joined by violinist Laura Ellement before releasing our seventh album and bassist Rob Haubus just afterwards.


In 2017 we celebrated five years as band by releasing the Five Years of Fuzz EP a collection of re-recorded songs from our early lo-fi days. We’re always making music, on the road or working on numerous side projects. Come to a gig, drop us a message, buy a record. Stay weird.



Laura Ellement - Violin, Vocals
Sophie Bret Tasker - Drums, Vocals
Jack Tasker - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Rob Haubus - Bass, Percussion, Vocal







You can buy our records here. Stream them via Apple Music and Spotify. Or get hold of them from Bandcamp.

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